Jadeite Characteristics
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Jadeite Characteristics

Jadeite Characteristics

Most Desirable
1. Intense Color.
2. Even Color.
3. Honey-like 
4. Translucency.
5. Watery Luster.
6. Smooth Finish.
7. Even Texture.
8. Pure.
9. Vivid root-like

Less Desirable
1. Dull Color.
2. Uneven Color.
3. Opacity.
4. Cloudy Appearance.
5. Dehydrated
6.Surface Cracks.
7. Blotch Texture.
8. Mottled.
9. Dull root-like

The nobility and unique characteristics of jadeite draws people. Some keep it as personal possession like ornaments and jewelry, while others treat it as a symbol. The various colours of green, red, yellow, lavender, black and white, accompanied with quality craftsmanship provides a wide range of choices for jade lovers.

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